MDP - Training - Building Business Capacity

If you want to grow your business and build business capacity then you’ve got to grow yourself and grow your people.

MDP CONSULTING can provide the training and the mentoring to facilitate you in developing the business expertise and personal skills to progress and drive your business forward.

We at MDP CONSULTING have both the experience and the knowledge of the professional and personal issues facing you in running your business to provide the necessary training and personal development to enable you grow and develop your business. 


Business Training
                        The Art of Making Meetings Work                       
Personal Development
                        Communication Strategies
                        Time Management – Get Organised for Peak Performance
                        Conflict Resolution – Dealing with Difficult People

Our training and development programmes can be in the form of

In-House Training
Bespoke Programmes
Mentoring - one to one
Mentoring - group mentoring

Business Development Support

Business develepment Support

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Professional Development

Personal Development

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