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The demands of running a business often mean that more time is spent on paperwork and less time on planning and managing the business.

MDP CONSULTING has over 20 years experience with a proven proficiency in project and office management.  We can work with you to set up system to manage your business, ensuring your operations run smoothly, and that your employee and capital resources are used efficiently.

We can develop and implement systems that will:

  • Best utilise in-house resources and thus maximise the return on labour outputs.
  • Reduce time wastage on projects, communicate effectively and increase transparency for Customers.
  • Trim processes and procedures that have developed over time but are wasteful of staff and capital resources.
  • Achieve best fit between staff resources and prospective Customers.
  • Assess the financial management of projects, reviewing overheads, employee costs, profit margins, income.
  • Enable you re-assess strategic goals with employees working to achieve stated objectives

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