Welcome to MDP Consulting

Photo-Mary DugganOur mission is to facilitate and build capacity in your business. We empower you to achieve excellence in your business by analysing and challenging your current organisation, identifying weakness in your business model and working with you to develop a strategic plan that enables you become a high achieving, high performance company.

Our company has both the experience and the knowledge of the issues facing you in running your business. As business professionals with a specific expertise in the construction industry, MDP Consulting have a unique insight in to the construction industry in Ireland.

We provide Business Facilitation, Consultancy, Mentoring and Business Training to industries and companies with a construction industry focus and to service providers and professionals in private practice within the industry. Our skills and experience enable us to provide independant support and advice to assist you in deciding where you want to take your business and assist you in getting there.

We provide on-going business support services, mentoring and training to your business. Our follow up services ensure that your strategic plan is communicated effectively throughout the organisation and the implementation of the plan is monitored and corrective action taken if necessary.



Business Development Support

Business develepment Support

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Professional Development

Personal Development

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